About the LA Screen Awards

Film and Screenplay Competition

LA Film and Screenplay Competition

The LA Screen Awards is a prestigious competition for independent filmmakers and screenwriters. Based in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, our award winners are given increased exposure to our network of industry insiders in Hollywood and abroad. Each round of the film and screenplay competition, the best films and scripts in each category will be selected by a jury of industry professionals to be given an official award based on genre and category:

Feature Films
- Best Feature Film (any genre)
- Best Animation
- Best Action/Adventure
- Best Drama
- Best Comedy
- Best Horror
- Best Thriller
- Best Sci Fi
- Best Documentary

Short Films
- Best Short Film (any genre)
- Best Animation Short
- Best Action/Adventure Short
- Best Drama Short
- Best Comedy Short
- Best Horror Short
- Best Thriller Short
- Best Sci Fi Short
- Best Documentary Short

TV or Web Series
- Best TV/Web Series (any genre)
- Best Comedy Series
- Best Drama Series

- Best Screenplay (any genre)
- Best Animation Screenplay
- Best Action/Adventure Screenplay
- Best Drama Screenplay
- Best Comedy Screenplay
- Best Horror Screenplay
- Best Thriller Screenplay
- Best Sci Fi Screenplay

Short Screenplays
- Best Short Screenplay (any genre)
- Best Short Animation Screenplay
- Best Short Action/Adventure Screenplay
- Best Short Drama Screenplay
- Best Short Comedy Screenplay
- Best Short Horror Screenplay
- Best Short Thriller Screenplay
- Best Short Sci Fi Screenplay

TV/Web Series Scripts
- Best TV/Web Series Script
- Best Drama TV Script
- Best Comedy TV Script

Plus, the winner in each category will be entered into a private film and script sales network where Hollywood industry professionals and financiers will consider your project for distribution rights, story rights, adaptation rights, or option agreements.

The top ranked filmmaker will be given a chance to pitch their next film or web series project and will be offered funding toward the budget of the project.

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